Safer Prisons New York

The hardworking members of AFSCME Council 82, the New York State Law Enforcement Officers Union​, never quit when it comes to keeping our communities safe.

Serving as Corrections Lieutenants​ and Corrections Officers in state and county prisons across New York, they want to focus ensuring inmates can serve their time safely and focus on rehabilitation. Whenever policies or conditions stand in the way of them doing their job and safely returning to their families at the end of their shift, we must take action. Our efforts to keep them, and our communities, safe is what ​they justly deserve for the quality of services they render each and every day at great personal sacrifice.​

Having corrections officers in county prisons, not professional medical staff, responsible for administering medication to inmates creates situations where they are not able to focus on their main duties. Nor do they have the training to provide additional care if there is an issue with a prisoner's medication.

In state facilities, double bunking unnecessarily creates overcrowding and situations where conflict and violence are unavoidable. Most of the people in prison just want to serve their time, attend rehabilitation programs and return to socierty as productive members. But double bunking is an obstacle to this goal and it must end.

New York can do better!

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